Grad Niš je najlepši leti

Grad Niš je najlepši leti

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Ne propustite vrelo leto u Nišu ni ove godine, uz obilje koncerata na otvorenom, prepune bašte i lokale, bogate pijace sa raznovrsnom robom, restorane i kafane nadaleko poznate po dobroj hrani. I da, tačno je to što kažu! U Nišu ne postoji loša kafana, u svakoj se dobro jede i pije uz povoljnije cene nego u severnom delu Srbije. U jeku letnje turističke sezone kad je NIš prepun stranaca, traži se mesto više u svakom ugostiteljskom objektu.

Takodje posetite obavezno Tvrđavu koja je je možda najlepša upravo zbog svojih širom sveta poznati festivala, Nišvila, Filmskih susreta i mnogih manje ili više poznatih muzičkih festivala


Galerija u Tvrđavi danas a nekada Bali begova dzamija

Ukoliko planirate da nekoliko dana provedete u Nišu požurite i još danas rezervšite vaš smeštaj u nekim od objekata koji su u ponudi;

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9 thoughts on “Grad Niš je najlepši leti”

  1. Great post! I think design also plays into encouraging people to post comments. I’ve seen on some other blogs where they change the default “leave a reply” on a new post to “Be the first to post a comment!” depending on your audience that is very inviting.
    Nothing like a little controversy, a edge, to generate a conversation? (this is a question, don’t you think?)

  2. No James, that’s the way you wrote it (or at least the way I got it). Don’t blame me, I would never ask a yes or no question. 🙂
    …okay, but seriously – this is something I need to work on. On a number of the blogs that I get paid to write for, I have no idea how many people are reading (since I post, but don’t manage or market the blog) and I’m frustrated when there aren’t comments.

  3. On my own blog, which I just recently started up, I know I don’t have much of a readership so it will take a while to develop comments and community, but I still want to do things right…So I’ll definitely keep this article in mind…particularly your comment #5, which I think deserves to be a follow-up article in itself.
    …I have found that the “be first to leave a comment” has worked sometimes, but possibly intimidated in other circumstances. Yeah, a lot of people would love to be the first to post on popular blogs, but on startups? Not always.

  4. When I ask a question at the end of a post, I always get responses. I do it judiciously, though, as I like to ‘mix it up’ and not always ask for a response.
    Hi James – great advice. I’m trying to ask open ended questions at the end of my posts, but it doesn’t always work, and often people will comment, but not answer the questions.

  5. What am I doing wrong? Am I putting the comments in the wrong place? Should they be closer to the beginning of the post, or in the middle, or where? Thanks. Catherine
    Getting comments is the bane of my existence! I try to end the post with a question about how my readers are using [insert topic] and no one responds. I have tried to hold contests where I will give them FREE PUBLICITY for a comment and nada.

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